Who says gifts are only appropriate for birthdays or the holidays? You can brighten someone’s day any day with a quick gift. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones the person receiving the gift doesn’t even expect. 

When you give a gift just because, it makes it that more special. It’s also a good idea to know about a few quick gift ideas for those moments when you’re in a hurry and need to grab something fast but want it to be something they’ll enjoy. 

Below are several quick easy gifts that you can grab and give to someone to brighten their day no matter what the occasion! Continue reading to discover all these wonderful ideas. 

1. A Membership 

Memberships or subscriptions are great gifts because they give the people receiving it something to do. It’s a reason to get up, get moving, and get out of the house. There are many different types of memberships you can consider. 

Try to purchase one that the person receiving it will enjoy and get a lot of use out of. For example, if they enjoy working out, then you can give them a gym membership. 

Do they enjoy watching and interacting with animals? Consider a zoo membership for them. If they enjoy swimming, then you can get them a membership for the public pool. 

Most memberships allow you to make monthly payments, which means this could be a great gift that doesn’t require you to spend a lot out of pocket either. 

2. A Warm Pair of Slippers 

Walking around the house barefoot is uncomfortable. Hard floors can cause foot aches and pains. They’re also cold to the touch, especially during the morning or evening hours. 

A warm pair of slippers is a great gift for someone who’s home doesn’t have carpeting or someone who just enjoys being cozy. Because slippers can be worn down fast if worn on a daily basis, their current pair might be a bit rough looking.

Check to see and then gift them with a fresh pair of slippers to keep their feet warm.

3. A Cozy Blankets

Speaking of all things cozy, a cozy throw blanket is another wonderful gift. Who doesn’t like receiving a fluffy blanket to throw onto the couch? If you know this person enjoys watching movies and cuddling up on the couch, then they’ll enjoy this gift.

It’s also an ideal gift for anyone who has a favorite show they watch every week. Now they can have a favorite blanket to grab before the show starts!

4. A Gift Card

Gift cards might seem like a copout to some people, but they can be a great quick gift. This is especially true if you give the gift card just a bit of thought before making a selection. There are many different gift cards you can buy ranging from restaurants, video game cards, store gift cards, and more!

Quickly think about something they enjoy doing. What’s their favorite place to eat, favorite game to play, or favorite store to shop in? You can even buy gift cards for online stores as well. 

If it’s something you know they’ll use, then it’s a great gift. 

5. Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services can be an excellent gift for someone who lives a busy life. Maybe this person works a full-time job and a part-time job as well and has little time to clean their home. Maybe they’re a hard-working mom with several kids in the home who feels like they can never keep it clean.

Search for housekeeping services in your area and hire the one that offers the type of services you believe they need. 

6. Flower Delivery 

Flower deliveries are convenient because all it takes is a quick phone call from anywhere to have flowers delivered to someone that same day. Do a quick search for local flower delivery in your area and then make the call. 

Most flower delivery services can put together different bouquets depending on the type of occasion. If there’s no special occasion, then take into consideration the person’s favorite flowers, scents, or colors when choosing the bouquet. 

7. A Quick Vacation

If you have the means to do so, sending someone on a quick vacation is a gift no one will complain about. Rather than giving someone something materialistic, you’re giving them memories. This gift doesn’t have to break the bank either.

Most hotels in your state will offer a discount for being a resident. Try finding a nice and fairly-priced place by the lake, in the mountains, on the beach, or something similar. Even just a two-night getaway can feel like a full-blown vacation for someone who doesn’t get the opportunity to get away often. 

8. Screen Glasses

Does this person spend a lot of time on their phone? Do they play video games or work on the computer all day? If so, then you should gift them with screen glasses. 

Blue-light filtering glasses are used to block your eyes from the harmful light given off by electronic screens. These glasses can prevent heavy eyes, headaches, and ruined vision over time. 

You can also find frames in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and fun colors!

9. A Book Subscription 

A reader needs a book subscription to keep them busy. After reading one book, a devoted reader will want to quickly pick up another. Gift them with the gift of never-ending books!

An online book subscription is a great way to give them a new book whenever they’re ready without having to visit the library or worry about putting out any money. 

10. A Thermal Water Bottle

The last suggestion on our list is a thermal water bottle. These water bottles are refillable and can keep your hot or cold beverages at the right temperature throughout the entire day!

Anyone who works away from the home, who goes to school, or who spends the majority of their day out of the house will benefit from one of these water bottles. They also come in a variety of sizes and designs, so be sure to browse through them to find one they’ll like.

In Need of a Quick Gift?

If you need a quick gift to give someone you care about, then these ideas are some great options. Decide on one of these ideas listed above or have fun with it and give them a few!  When you’re ready for other posts with business products and services topics, be sure to check back here.

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