5 Benefits of Social Media Reviews for Your Business


There’s no better way to attract new consumers than positive recommendations. Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from a friend?

Nowadays, there are plenty of online spaces where you can acquire and share your customer reviews. In fact, social media reviews are becoming more popular among consumers of all ages.

If you’re not getting many reviews, you may be thinking, “How important could they be?”

The answer is very. Read on for five ways that social media reviews can benefit your business and why you should try to get more of them.

1. Older Reviews Don’t Count As Much

You may have encouraged customers to review your business in the past. After building up a good amount of online reviews, you can ease up, right?

Wrong. Reviews that are older than one year often don’t make as much of an impact on customers. Your business needs to receive regular, updated reviews over the years if you want them to influence consumer choices.

2. Social Media Reviews Are Authentic and Trustworthy

Why should you ask for social media reviews, specifically? When you post reviews on your own website, consumers may think they’re fake or doctored. However, social media reviews are left by real account-holders, making them more authentic and trustworthy.

3. Star Ratings Are Crucial

Some customers may not go as far as reading every review your business has received. Oftentimes, they’re satisfied just getting a look at your star rating. That means that if your business has an average rating of three stars while your competitor has four or five, you’re going to lose a lot more sales.

Looking to obtain more 5 stars? Make sure you do it the right way!

4. Reviews Provide Opportunities For Improved Customer Service

Getting regular reviews doesn’t just influence consumer behavior. It also provides an unparalleled opportunity for growth.

We recommend looking at poor reviews not as a bad thing but as a learning moment. Make sure you’re responding to reviews that are poor or moderate and address your consumer’s concerns. Find ways to make sure that customer service mistakes aren’t repeated in the future.

5. Reviews Attract Attention to Your Business

Ultimately, reviews draw the attention of more potential consumers. They increase your online visibility and help you rank better across platforms. Plus, social media reviews show that your business is still relevant, still active, and ready to make more sales.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Social Media Reviews

Social media reviews are crucial to building brand awareness and should be considered a key component of your social media marketing. If your business isn’t getting regular reviews, don’t let it slide. Find ways to encourage customers to leave reviews and make sure that those reviews are visible across platforms. Not sure how to amp up your customer engagement? Looking for new and innovative ways to advertise your business? Take a look around for content that will help you boost your business and stay relevant in the future.