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V P Associates, Chartered Tax Advisors & Chartered Certified Accountants East Grinstead, represent an authoritative source on most aspects of tax includingCapital Gains Tax & Buy-To-Let Property Tax advice and Tax Compliance services. With over 30 years of experience in the business of providing expert tax advice,V P Associates Chartered Tax Advisors offer valuable information to clients to help them save money, mitigate tax  and manage taxes better.

Despite today’s turbulent economic times,spectacular capital gains in buy-to-let property and residential property prices have been witnessed in areas such as London, Surrey, Sussex and the South East of England, including the south coast towns of Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Worthing. In such property hotspots around the country first-time property buyers are facing great difficulties in affording a property and as a result there has been an increase in the sales of buy-to-let property and residential property, given the low rates of borrowing. The government has tried to thwart the market by limiting the tax deductibility of the loan interest and the extra stamp duty tax on second and buy to let properties. For many investors, the capital gain is still a big draw to this market of brick and mortar.

Owners of buy-to-let property or homes which have been rented during your ownership of it will be subjected to capital gains tax upon selling it. This capital gains tax must not be evaded or may not be avoided; it can certainly be planned for and mitigated, with a view to a much reduced capital gains tax liability. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional, expert capital gains tax advice well before the transaction in order to maximise the retention of capital gains and mitigate your exposure to capital gains tax. V P Associates, Chartered Tax Advisors & Chartered Certified Tax Accountants, equipped with tax expertise gained over the years dealing with H M Revenue and Customs in matters relating to capital gains help clients mitigate their CGT most favorably and help you retain more of your well earned gains.

The HMRC is targeting in a recent campaign the Landlords who have not been declaring their:

  1. Buy-to-let property income
  2. income from letting of their home or part thereof
  3. gains from the buying and selling of buy-to-let property

V P Associates, Chartered Tax Advisors & Chartered Certified Accountants advice such landlords  to make a voluntary declaration then be caught out by the HMRC, or risk facing high penalties because reduced tax penalty tariff apply on voluntary declaration. As Tax Accountants, V P Associates can also assist you with matter of Inland Revenue tax investigations and tax enquiries. Landlords can request a confidential consultation with capital gains tax advisors on how to deal with previous years of undeclared rental income or capital gains and related tax advice from V P Associates, Chartered Tax Advisors & Chartered Certified Accountants East Grinstead, to assist with the necessary Revenue  compliance and filing.

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