FinuTrade Review – All You Need To Know About This Broker


FinuTrade Review

There are good brokers, and then there are great brokers, and we believe that FinuTrade falls under the latter category. This is because this broker is one that has plenty of assets that its clients may trade with, in addition to a trading platform that is highly professional and, not to mention, very easy to use. But we realize that it is most probably going to take much more than that to convince you to give it a try, so read through this FinuTrade review which will cover all the essential topics associated with this broker.

Asset index

If you are an online trader, professional or otherwise, there is a high probability that you would want to deal with a broker that has a strong asset index. This is because the online trading industry is one that is constantly growing and evolving, and so a great broker would offer numerous tradeable assets rather than a select few.

FinuTrade acknowledges the needs and desires of its clients, and it has thus taken the liberty of providing several tradeable assets, including forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. Even the relatively new crypto industry can be accessed through FinuTrade, as we noticed that there many cryptocurrencies that clients can trade with too.

Trading platform

Traders all across the globe would be familiar with the MetaTrader platform. FinuTrade uses MT4, which is both a wise and well-thought-out choice as not only does it provide a ton of great trading tools and instruments, but it is also highly accessible as well as user-friendly, thereby making it usable by traders of all kinds and experience levels.

Furthermore, it has become a common practice nowadays to ‘trade on the go’. In such a fast-paced global environment, we often do not sit still in one place for an extended period of time, and many of us prefer to access everything from our smartphones. Online trading is no exception to this, and so through the usage of FinuTrade’s mobile trading apps, you can use the broker’s trading platform on the go via any device that is fully compatible with Android and iOS. You can also access the trading platform directly thanks to the ‘Web Trader’ feature or through a downloadable version for your PC.

Trading tools

No broker would be complete without a great trading platform and some useful trading tools and instruments. In conjunction with the aforementioned MetaTrader trading platform, FinuTrade’s clients are given access to numerous trading tools such as but not limited to an economic calculator, an economic calendar, live charts, trading indicators, tools for technical analysis, trading signals, in-depth research-oriented reports, market research, risk management tools, and price alerts.

When these tools are used alongside the advanced MT4 platform, traders are sure to have a great overall experience filled with both diversity and substantial profits.


All of the aforementioned aspects, services and features are pointless if you do not feel completely safe while using FinuTrade. Well, you can rest easy knowing that this broker uses only the latest and most cutting-edge encryption software and has an SSL certificate too. It complies with both AML as well as KYC policies and even uses segregated funds in order to ensure that no matter what happens, your money will be safe and that it shall only ever be utilized by you for trading and not by the broker itself. 

In an effort to maintain security, traders would hence be required to submit documents through which their identity can be verified, such as passports, driver’s licenses, or ID cards. Traders may also have to submit utility bills such as those of gas or electricity, and a bank statement may be needed too. All of this must be done in order for traders to successfully begin making transactions through their respective accounts.

Customer support

Do not worry if you unexpectedly encounter a technical problem while using FinuTrade, as the broker’s customer support is ready to help you on a 24/5 basis. Feel free to email or directly call the customer support team if need be, or alternatively, fill out an online form.

Closing remarks

When you choose FinuTrade, know that you are selecting a reliable and safe broker that will never betray your trust. Your deposits shall always be kept safe, and so will your personal information. You are bound to have a profitable and great trading experience with this broker, so why not give it a shot.