Forex trading: find out the best high leverage brokers


If you are looking for a trusted broker offering a high leverage account, you are in the right place! We know that a lot of users desire trading with this type of broker: they offer you more opportunities to take profits from markets like Forex, asking for low margin requirements. For this reason, we are going to show you the best high leverage brokers to trade with in a safe and professional way.

What is leverage?

Leverage can be considered as a “borrowed capital”  that traders can use to generate more profits from their investments. In effect, a lot of traders decide to operate with high leverage to multiply their power on markets, but they also have to pay attention to risks and losses. For this reason, you must know how to trade with high leverage before making mistakes that you cannot resolve.

Actually, there are some countries with restrictions about leverage: for example, in Canada, where traders can access online trading but they are not allowed to use high leverage. They consider it too risky!

If you are an EU trader, you can rest easy: there are different trusted and professional platforms where you can trade with a high leverage.

The best forex brokers with high leverage for you!

Actually, it could appear difficult to choose a reliable trading platform. For this reason, we can show you trusted brokers to operate with.

Each platform offers professional tools and a high leverage to help you trade as you prefer! Naturally, we selected only two top forex brokers that offer no minimum deposit and low margin requirements.


The first platform that you can consider to trade on Forex with high leverage is HotForex: one of the most appreciated online trading services based in Cyprus.

We can immediately talk about leverage: if you chose this broker, you need to know that leverage is available all over the world! The best conditions are offered at Seychelles, where you can trade with a maximum leverage of 1000:1, giving yourself the possibility to make more profits than usual.

HotForex presents different leverage according to different countries: if you are an european trader interested in major currency pairs, you can operate with a leverage equal to 30:01, according to CySEC rules.

You can open a micro account depositing only $5: this means that we are talking about a reliable and easily accessible broker.


FXTM can be considered as one of the most experienced brokers who offers a high leverage and other interesting tools to trade as a professionist.

He’s appreciated by new users because of his mission: to educate beginners and expand his services to everyone. In fact, you can choose among six types of trading accounts, having the opportunity to start with a minimum deposit of $10!

This broker can count users worldwide, attracted by flexible investment conditions: he has competitive spreads and different types of leverage.  For example, even in this case, european traders will invest with a leverage equal to 30:01, but with a really low cost.

Best high leverage brokers: final tips

In the end, we want to give you some advice. First of all, each trader has to pay attention to volatility: it’s really hard following an asset that quickly changes his market price. In effect, some traders prefer to invest in Forex majors, characterized by high trading volume and predictable movements (if you compare major currencies to exotic currency pairs). You have to know also that stop loss is an essential tool when you use a high leverage, because you can decide when to  close a trade, setting a limit on your losses.