Free Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses


There is no business like show business. And advertising is the greatest show there is.

Produce a dazzling advertisement, and audiences will want to know about your company. Give them that information, and they’ll give you your sales. 

But television and billboard advertisements are expensive. As a small business owner, you need to find free advertising ideas. Don’t worry. 

Here are some small business free advertising ideas. 


If you make a face-to-face connection with people, they will come to your business. 

Go to networking events at your local chamber of commerce. Rotary Clubs offer weekly events that connect business professionals together. Talk to other professionals about advertising ideas.

If you are a college graduate, tap into your college alumni groups. Some groups have special sections for business people. 

Talk to your college about tutoring or advising students. Young people are an underutilized resource in business. Hire some graduates for your business, and ask them to tell their friends about your company. 

Online resources are also available. Slack lets you create and network groups together, while Meetup lets you find and create events. 

Use Social Media

Social media is for more than sharing funny cat videos. Social media offers a wide range of tools to market your small business, most of them for free. 

If you haven’t already, create Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages for your business. Devote at least fifteen minutes every day toward using them. Create new content, and share content from non-competing businesses. 

Write posts, share photos, and shoot videos. Follow pages from successful businesses. Take notes on what they do, and try to emulate them in your own way. 

Your social media accounts have analytics features. These features let you track your follower engagement and monitor your view counts. Check these features every day, and change your content to attract more attention. 

Social media influencers can help. Send them free products, and ask them to make posts promoting your products. 

Write, Write, Write

Write a lot about your business. Start a blog on your own website. Update it every week with a 500-word article about something important in your field. 

Become a thought leader. Write about things no one else is writing about. Come up with new ideas, and pose questions and prompts for your audience. 

Read the writing of other companies. Read comments to your own content. Write responses to them, showing your expertise in your line of work. 

Guest posts are an effective way to network through writing. Write a post for a non-competing business and include a link to your business in it. You can also ask someone else to write a post for you, including a link to their business in the post. 

Writing takes practice. Read about how to write a great article, and write new content often. Revise everything you write at least once over, reading it aloud to see how it flows. 

Carry Out Your Small Business Free Advertising Ideas

Don’t price yourself out of the market. There are many small business free advertising ideas out there. 

Make connections wherever you can. Use social media to post interesting and fun content that promotes your business. Write blog posts that show your expertise.  You have to stay competitive in order to succeed. To stay competitive, stay smart. Follow our advertising coverage.