Great Social Media Tools for Business


From breaking news to sharing memes, social media has become a key part of daily life. 69% of American adults use Facebook.

That means it’s hard to grow a business without having a social media presence. Customers like to feel they can connect with your brand where it suits them to do so. That’s often on a social media platform—not email or a phone call.

There are a plethora of social media tools for business to help you reach customers and build your brand. Read on to learn which ones you need.


Hootsuite is a great solution to handle your social media management. It lets you schedule posts across different platforms, letting posts go live at a chosen time.

Use the analytics option to see how your posts perform. Hootsuite offers integrations with other products, like Mailchimp and Trello. This makes it easier to build user-friendly marketing campaigns.

You can even use it to search platforms for mentions of your brand. This is a great way to discover what people say about you. Use these mentions to make improvements, or double down on what people love about your brand.


Using social media for a small business means your content must stand out. Otherwise, potential customers will skip straight over it.

Having professional or eyecatching visuals is a great way to grab attention. So while Canva isn’t a social media tool, it’s useful for creating social media content.

Use one of the pre-existing templates to whip up a quote-post or helpful infographic. Share these across your social media profiles for an instant boost.

LinkedIn is the best social media for business so infographics work well there. Yet if your audience is on Instagram, well-designed slides are a great option too.


CoSchedule is another scheduling tool, but with a difference. If you run a WordPress website, use the plug-in to schedule content onto social media. This makes it easy to share blog posts and other web pages.

You can schedule posts to Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also set up a ‘requeue’ message to share posts more than once. Choose the frequency and the time slot.

CoSchedule works as a marketing calendar so you can plan your social media content in advance.


There’s more to using social media for business than sharing content from your website. You also need to share content that your target audience wants to see.

BuzzSumo is a useful tool for both keyword and topic research. Find out what other people in your niche share to get content ideas.

You can also research influencers so you know who to target if you want to use influencer marketing.

Choose the Right Social Media Tools for Business

We can only include a few social media tools for business so we’ve focused on those that get you up and running. Yet these choices give you an idea of the tools you need.

Choose a scheduler, a way to create content, and a platform to research content ideas. Re-sharing old content is also a great way to get new eyes on past posts.

Remember to check your analytics on a regular basis. Double down on what works, and experiment with what doesn’t. Keen to get your business in front of more customers? Check out our advertising articles for more tips and advice.