Headhunter vs. Recruiter: What’s the Difference?


Are you struggling to find employees? Even though job postings are hitting all-time highs after the pandemic and millions are still unemployed, companies are struggling to find workers.

Have you considered hiring a headhunter or recruiter? Wondering about the difference between a headhunter vs. recruiter? Keep reading to see if you should hire a headhunter or recruiter for your open positions.

Headhunter Job Description

A headhunter is a third-party professional that finds talent to fill open positions for a client in one or more positions. A headhunter can be an individual or an entire recruiting firm.

Think of a headhunter as a talent scout. They use various means to find and identify prospective employees. They will find, screen, and ultimately recommend their ideal candidate for a client to consider.

Headhunters typically specialize in niche markets. They typically have a network or pipeline of potential candidates. They can then match candidates with the skills a company needs.

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What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Headhunter

Headhunters usually hunt for high-level employees and high-quality candidates. They make it easier to find unique candidates for special fields and markets. Headhunters do not do the hiring.

If you are looking to fill a high-level position with very unique skills and experience, a headhunter might be a good option.

Recruiter Job Description

The headhunter finds qualified candidates, and the recruiters fill these positions. Recruiters are typically employed by the company that has the open position, but they can also be a third-party with no relation to the company.

In order to fill these open positions, recruiters will take these qualified candidates and start the interview process. They are typically the contact for the job candidate during the interview process.

Some recruiters take an active role in finding and seeking out candidates, but it’s more common for recruiters to post the position and wait for candidates to apply for the position.

Recruiters may be filling various positions at the same time and shuffle candidates to various positions. Recruiters try to fill all levels of employment, but they may also specialize in various industries.

What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Recruiter

Recruiting firms may also specialize in a specialized market, but many work with a variety of industries. They handle the initial contact of the hiring process include the first screenings and interviews.

They will help the job candidate find the best position for their skills and experience.

If you need to hire several new employees for various departments, you may want to use a recruiter. They can help match candidates for these positions, so you can fill them in a few months (or your needed timeframe).

Headhunter vs. Recruiter: Find What’s Best for You

If you don’t have time to hire the employees you need for certain positions, you should consider hiring a recruiter or headhunter. Now that you know the differences between a headhunter vs. recruiter, you know which one you should hire based on the positions. Looking for more business advice? which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business? Keep exploring our sitefor more business topics such as promotions, finance, and other management topics.