How Do Small Food Companies Benefit from PIF Manager Software?


Solutions like can reduce the erroneous manual processes of maintaining food-related records to ensure compliance with government standards. Small food businesses can move their bottom lines in the right direction by automating these processes.

What is PIF Manager Software?

PIF or “Product Information File” is an industry-agreed questionnaire that allows food product manufacturers and distributors to compile information about food products. PIFs have a standard format, which meet the legal and compliance requirements from the industry.

PIFs have progressively evolved from a standalone spreadsheet format into a business to business software solution: PIF V6.0.


Helps Streamline Compliance with the Food Standards

Filling the food products-related data manually into excel sheets and copy-pasting data to complete the PIFs for several products was extremely time-consuming and prone to errors

PIF portals streamline the process of recording and reporting production information. No need to retype information from customers and suppliers into company systems as the information can be easily exchanged between companies.

One-Stop Solution

PIF manager software is a single platform that facilitates the creation, maintenance, updating, and exchange of PIFs, all from one place. You don’t have to scroll through versions of the datasheets you created to find the right one. Also, updating PIF software is easy, so you don’t have to worry about finding the updated version of specific PIFs.

Authentic Data

The least you have to do is to attach relevant documents and certificates to the particular PIF. Once that is done, it automatically updates to the newest version. These documents are easily accessible to review, edit, update or resend to customers.

The software provides a secure and centralised data repository for PIF. The easy accessibility helps the search process become seamless, thus saving a lot of time otherwise spent searching for specific data. PIF manager software also makes it easy to find the latest information, finalise the reports, and approve them without any hassle.

Top Grade Efficiency

With PIF managersoftware, the processes become highly efficient, saving time, cost, and effort. The software offers multiple capabilities, such as the following.

  • It has multi-language support.
  • Since it is cloud-based, it is more secure.
  • You can compare two PIFs if you want to note the changes and variations in the food data.
  • Allows efficient sending and receiving of PIFs.
  • No need to worry about data safety while sharing the data with customers and suppliers.
  • No need for any infrastructure or systems installations.

PIF software has put an end to a cluster of tedious processes that include data entry, data search, upgrades, and sharing information in the food and beverage industries.   Small food companies can now improve efficiencies and meet the needs of regulatory framework  through an affordable and scalable solution.