How Fashion Nova Created a Cutting Edge Line for Kids


For years, Fashion Nova, a Los Angeles-based fast fashion brand, has been the go-to shopping spot for women looking for affordable but stylish outfits.  But recently, this fashion brand diversified its portfolio to include a cutting edge line for kids.

Fashion Nova’s kids’ collection launched in September 2020 and hit the fashion industry with a bang. It has become the newest fashion obsession for kids and their parents.

Like its predecessor, the women’s and men’s clothing lines, this collection features quality, trendy, affordable, and savage-styled outfits designed with the needs of little fashionistas in mind. But how did this fashion brand manage to create such an incredible collection for kids? 


The kids’ outfits in this collection are surprisingly affordable, with most of them retailing for no more than $45. This pricing strategy brings good news to parents all over the world because it has made acquiring kids’ clothes easy.

Due to growth spurts, kids outgrow their outfits at a very high rate calling for regular wardrobe changes. Luckily, parents with kids can now comfortably get new outfits without breaking their budget. By spending less on acquiring kid’s clothes, parents can now channel their money to other vital things such as housing, education, and other basic necessities.

So, affordability has been a huge contributing factor in popularizing this cutting-edge kids clothing line.


When it comes to designing kids’ clothes, Fashion Nova went the extra mile to bring out beautiful designs matching those of adult outfits.

This fashion brand has brought incredible versatility into the world of kid’s fashion. At Fashion Nova, kids’ outfits are designed to mimic adult pieces but with a touch of kid-friendly designs.

Here you can find anything for your little girls and boys, such as beautiful tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits and rompers, matching sets, jackets, shoes, and accessories. Fashion Nova has become the latest one-stop shop for all your kid’s fashion needs.

With the beautiful matchy designs, Fashion Nova brings the whole family closer together through fashion. Parents and kids can now rock affordable matching outfits and take beautiful photos to create lasting memories.

Influencer Marketing

Like with celebrity and influencer marketing for the women’s clothing line, Fashion Nova has also invested in Nova kids influencer marketing.

Different celebrities who adore Fashion Nova were happy to see the launch of Nova kids and didn’t hesitate to bring their kids into the mix.

Some of the popular celebrity kids seen rocking Nova kids outfits include BlacChyna’s daughter, Dream Kardashian, and Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty Brown alongside her sister Sinatra.

Through influencer marketing, Fashion Nova has managed to reach millions of customers all over the world, creating a wide client base for its pieces.

High Rate of Newness

Fashion Nova has a rich network of manufacturers who are well equipped to whip up outfits within the shortest time possible. For this reason, this fashion brand has managed to produce kids’ outfits at unmatched rates and capacities.

Relevance in the fast fashion industry is based on the rate of newness, and Fashion Nova has managed to remain relevant, thus becoming the newest obsession for kids’ outfits.

The high rate of newness has played a vital role in Fashion Nova’s journey of creating a cutting-edge kids’ line.  With Fashion Nova, you’ll turn your kid from just a regular kid into a Nova kid!