Videos are a critical form of communication and advertisement and anexcellent way to capture memories forever. Many industries invest in professional videos, from educational institutions and businesses to travellers and individuals who want their weddings recorded.

However, several people still wonder if there is a difference between video production and videography and often use the terms interchangeably. But assuming they are the same thing is not correct as there is a marked difference between them.

Understanding how videography differs from a video production company would help to analyse what each of them does.

What is videography?=-

It is primarily what videographers do. Videographers are people who often work alone but with professional equipment. They typically freelance and travel to different places to shoot educational videos, wedding footage, dance recitals, and other such things. In very simple terms, a videographer is someone with a camera who may or may not have an assistant to help with lighting or setting a place up.

They function pretty straightforwardly, quoting a price and delivering the footage on time. Sometimes, they are also hired by smaller corporations that need key events documented.

The functions of a video production company

The most significant difference is that a video production company is made up of more than one individual. It comprises a team of specialists who work together to create high-quality videos.

Studying it with an example will help.

Consider that your company needs a promotional video to be shot, and you hire a video production house. First, they will draft a script in line with your requirements – an excellent script consists of a powerful message that can capture the attention of your target audience. Next, they will decide on the other details such as titles, logos, animations, and motion graphics. Finally, they will determine if they need a narrator (voice-over artist) or have professionals enact the scenes depending on the script.

Remember, the video will be shot in a professional studio. 

Which should you hire?

It becomes easy to decide which to hire when one understands the difference between video production and videography. To make things simpler, consider the following two crucial things to make the decision.

  • Budget – If your budget is a little over $1000, it will make sense to hire a videographer. You can comfortably get good-quality videos with your preferred edits for this amount. However, if you can spend a considerable amount, then you can employ the services of a video production company.
  • Type of video – A videographer should be enough to shoot wedding videos, travel diaries, or other common concepts. But if you need promotional content detailing your company’s features, goals, achievements, and other critical aspects, hiring video production professionals would be a better choice.


Despite their differences, both videographers and video production companies have their benefits. They can both make impressive, excellent quality videos sure to achieve their intended purposes. But do remember that whichever you decide to hire, ensure to look for reliable service providers with a professional portfolio of prior work you can look at. If an individual refuses to showcase their work, keeps changing the agreed payment terms, or seems to procrastinate, it is probably wise not to hire them.