Snir Moshe Hananya – How To Make Organic Leads Effective & Result Oriented


For the success of inbound marketing, it is essential for the marketer to have extensive organic leads. The objective can be achieved through paid promotions as well which is undoubtedly a useful method of creating leads instantly. However, in the long run, paid promotions could be burdensome and a marketer would want to save the money for other purposes.

Most of these paid or non-paid ads are published on social media websites. So the fear is always lurking that the operator of the website can anytime delete the advertisement.

This then leads to the alternate of generating leads organically rather than for spending money. In this research paper, Snir Moshe Hananya explains the difference between organic and non-organic leads while also discussing the ways for enhancing leads organically.

Difference Between Organic & Non-Organic Lead

The leads generated without spending any money is usually called ‘organic leads’. For generating these types of leads, a marketer uses, what we call, ‘content marketing’ which is widely known as “SEO” and also referred to as “social media”. Similarly, ‘non-organic’ lead is the one for which a marketer is to pay and is usually a method against which the marketer has paid some money. Most popular non-organic lead creators are Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Traffic Generation Is The Ultimate Key For Organic Leads

Traffic is the core and heart of organic leads. If there is a lot of traffic that means you don’t have to do much as your lead is working perfectly. In case there is less traffic then it is a proof that your lead is not good enough. So the focus of the marketer should be on improving content and putting all efforts for attracting more traffic. The best possible method of attracting more traffic is to create engaging content which must also be top-notch content.

Identifying Targeted Customers

Snir Moshe Hananya explains that for attracting traffic the marketer should first identify his targeted customers. For this, external material, such as customer surveys particularly on the subject comprising your target market. Thereafter, carry out survey on your own by interviewing present customers to seek information concerning their interests. Also learn from your competitors as to what methods the competitor is using for attracting customers.

Research Keywords Should Be Next Target

The next thing the marketer should do is to focus on the ‘research keywords’. It is crucial to understand how the customers think when they look up for something through search engines. Usually their researches are of not more than 2 to 5 words. If you are able to identify the most relevant keywords concerning your business, then this would mean that half of your job is done. You need to then create and improve your content in accordance with the identified keywords. The rest will be done through the organic leads. Make sure to add keywords time and again in your content for better results.

Improvement Never Ends

Now you have your content, with keywords therein, and know your targeted customers, it is time for you to publish your content. If your content is not informatory or educational then the chances of attracting targeted market will become thin. So the word of advice is to keep the content highly informatory, engaging and educational. You aim should be to give such information which is valuable for targeted customers. It is better to put yourself into the place of the customers and look for the questions of which a customer would need an answer.

Similarly, one-time publishing of content is not enough. In fact improvement never ends and therefore the content must be improved on regular basis. In this way, you will be able to make your content qualitative by regularly examining it with the objective of improvement.

Virtual Friend

Including video content in your content for the customers is a plus point for engaging more audience. In fact, these days customers rather rely on video and visual content instead of going through the written text altogether. For this there are several free software in the market which are easily accessible to create video or visual content of quality and standard.


When you have put in your efforts, you need to understand that it will take time for your organic leads to work according to your expectations. Patience then is the key. It may be possible that your leads start to attract audience immediately or need time. But throughout this time, you have to wait and see.