How to Pick the Best Forklift Brand For Your Business


Selecting the right forklift for your business is essential. Each type of forklift has a specific job. What you need to do is going to determine the type of forklift you need.
Finding the best forklift brand is important, but most brands will offer the different types of forklifts available. Before choosing a brand, it is best to figure out the type of forklift you need.
Keep reading to learn more about the options available today.

Types of Forklifts

Before looking into different brands of forklifts, it’s a good idea to get to know what types are available. The options you have to choose from are detailed here.

Electric Forklift

An electric-powered forklift is typically more expensive than an IC forklift (discussed below). While this is true, they typically have a longer operating life and lower maintenance costs.
Another benefit is lower emissions. This makes them a smart option for enclosed environments, such as warehouses. You will find all these great brands offer electric forklift options.
You must also consider run times. Since electric forklifts must be charged, you may have to stop working to charge the battery in the middle of a job.
While modern options have longer-lasting batteries, this is still a consideration you should make.

Turret Trucks

For extremely narrow aisles, the turret truck is ideal. The carriage can rotate 180 degrees to pick up any items in the storage aisles.
Since the forks of these can be rotated without moving the truck, turret trucks can easily retrieve items in narrow spaces.

IC Forklifts

An IC or Internal Combustion forklift is commonly used for outside applications. These are uniquely designed for lifting heavier items.
In fact, you can find IC forklifts with a lift capacity of 3K up to 36K pounds depending on the brand and model you choose. One reason they are so popular is because of their dependable performance.

Moving Mast Reach Trucks

With this forklift, the mast moves horizontally. This makes it easier for the operators to reach any load that is high up without moving the forklift’s base.
With this, placing the forks is much easier. When you use a moving mast reach truck, productivity can be improved significantly.

3-Wheel Forklifts

A three-wheel forklift has a much smaller turning radius compared to a four-wheel forklift. This makes them another great option for working in smaller spaces.
This type of forklift includes a counterbalance, allowing it to move heavy loads with just three wheels. It also offers improved maneuverability compared to other options, making it a smart option for indoor work environments where storage space is limited.

Pantograph Reach Trucks

This type of truck is designed to be used in a warehouse environment. The name was derived from the forklift’s ability to “reach” past the stabilizing legs at significant heights.
Like the three-wheel options, they have superior maneuverability and can be used in crowded workspaces and turn around tight corners.

Finding the Best Forklift Brand

Now that you know the options, it is time to look into the best forklift brand. There are a few things to consider when trying to choose a brand.
Some of the top considerations can be found here.

New vs. Used Forklifts

One of the first things to consider when searching for a forklift is if the brand offers new or used machines. Some brands offer both, but not all.
You need to consider if you want to buy new or used and then find a brand that can accommodate this need.

Find a Reputable Brand

Not all forklift brands are well known. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a less known brand, but you do need to look into the brand’s background and reputation.
Take some time to read past customer reviews and see what type of rating it has on the BBB.

Consider the Selection of Forklifts

Today, you can find all types of forklifts (as described above). You need to figure out what you need and then find a brand that offers that.
Choosing a brand with several different options may be better. That’s because if you ever need something else, you will have a relationship with the dealer and brand. You can use this to get a better deal on the new machine you need.

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Forklift

You can find a lot of information about what you should do when searching for a forklift. There are a few things to avoid, too.
Some of the top tips you should avoid include:

  • Buying based on price alone
  • Not trying the machine before the purchase
  • Not purchasing from a dependable dealer
  • Failing to consider the full cost of ownership
  • Not considering the need for a maintenance plan

When you avoid these mistakes, you will have a better chance of getting a quality forklift that will meet your needs and specifications.

Finding the Best Forklift Brand

As you can see from the information above, you must consider a few things when trying to find the best forklift brand. Take some time to consider this information, which will help ensure you find the right machine for the right price.
Remember, the brand you choose is going to impact the quality of the machine.
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