Is fly larvae good for chickens?


While raising a flock of chickens, you need to surprise them with a few snacks. Among those snacks, the best option can be fly larvae for chickens. When you offer those larvae to your flock, they will snatch them instantly out of your hands.

Though you are aware of the fact that fly larvae for chickens are the favorite food of your flock, however, you may wonder whether that particular food is good for your chickens, then here are some pieces of important information that can help you out.

As you use fly larvae for chickens, you should know the nutritional contents of those insects that can help in the growth and well-being of your chickens. They might even help your flock to lay better eggs.

What are BSFL or black soldier fly larvae?

The black soldier fly is a member of the family Stratiomyidae. Though most of the insects are known as pests or crop destroyers, these black soldier fly larvae do not fall in that category. Instead, those insects play an active role in the ecosystem by transforming wastes like discarded foods into beneficial wastes.

These insects are full of protein, some essential minerals, and vitamins that can help in the well-being and health of your chickens.

As you may know, protein is really vital in the growth of the feathers of your chickens because those feathers are mostly protein; hence, these larvae work as a perfect snack for your flock. Moreover, if your chickens are facing the issues like losing feathers, you should give them the fly larvae for chickens for best results.

Not only for feathers, but a high protein diet is also crucial for the procedure of egg-laying. So, if your flock cannot have the right amount of protein in their diet, they might lay abnormal or unhealthy eggs or even something like a lash egg.

So, you should always give those fly larvae for chickens to your flock if you wish for the good health of their eggs. There are some other advantages of choosing fly larvae for chickens. Some of those are:

  • These larvae do not have anybody parts that can sting you.
  • They are not dry or slimy to touch, and they do not have any bad smell.
  • These larvae are completely safe to use because they are not carriers of any diseases.

Next up is the life cycle of the black soldier fly.

Black soldier fly larvae

This insect has a life cycle of nearly about 45 days that usually includes four stages. Such as:

  • Egg stage: You can see the eggs of this insect around compost. Those eggs hatch out into larvae, the next stage, within nearly about four days.
  • Larvae stage: The larvae of this fly grow in the compost for near about 14 days, where they consume food, excrete, and also convert wastes.
  • Pupa stage: After completing the larvae stage, those flies enter the pupa stage. In this stage, they need a lot of nutritional elements for their healthy growth and development.
  • Adult stage: This is the last stage, where the pupa turns into an adult. The black soldier flies have a lifespan of 5 to 9 days. During that time, they usually lay 600 to 800 eggs.

Therefore, fly larvae for chickens are the best snacks for your flock because those insects contain a lot of essential nutrients that can help in the well-being of your flocks.