Methods on how to start writing research blogs


Blogs are a form of passing a particular message concerning a specific topic using short notes or phrases. The blogs need to be precise and straight to the point to captivate your audience. The best way of writing a blog is by finding a topic with which you are well conversant and need to pass some knowledge to different people. It would be best to deliver credible work to your audience to easily follow your content and discover the various ways of addressing societal issues. Getting phd dissertation help, can be a great starting point of writing a blog and presenting the right ideas and information. 

Scientific research blogs should be interesting to all researchers. Researchers need to embrace both writing and reading scientific blogs to expand their ideas on different topics. Various types of scientific blogging exist, including educational blogs, science news blogs, research blogs, and scientific association blogs. The blogs form part of critiquing and sharing scientific knowledge. The scientific research blog includes all your work, and you do not need to discuss other people’s work due to plagiarism factors. 

Some of the topics you may write about include debunking myths, talking about new research, explaining a complex issue, or discussing a case that researchers forgot. Scientists familiar with the lab concept may like to write about some of the experiments, and you get to analyze and discuss the strength and weaknesses of the scientific research paper. 

The usefulness of scientific blogging to a research blogger

Many researchers have challenges in managing their time for writing research papers, but the people who care to create time would have several benefits, including; 

Refining their writing skills, education to the public, promoting yourself and your work, creating a network within your field, and different ways of getting feedback concerning your ideas. 

Methods of beginning to write your research blogs

It would be best to read other scientific blogs as you comment on how other great bloggers wrote them. Through comments, people will recognize your presence. 

Search for a blogging platform. There are different platforms where you can do your blogging work: Warwick blogs,, WordPress, and Tumblr. Most of the media offer their clients free domains. 

Identify a topic from your work or an interesting peer-reviewed article where you share your opinions and views.

What to consider in writing influential blogs

You need to plan yourself adequately and decide on the reason for writing the blog. Look for the correct frequency of writing your blog, the format, and the word count. You need to have your privacy and decide on the percentage of your work that you should reveal. Some of the points to include are: 

Target audience: you need to know them and understand how you will reach them. 

Discoverability: understand various ways of promoting your blogs and know whether you will make an interesting comment about your work using social media. The audience needs to discover your presence.

Tone: you need to write in a conversational style that directly addresses the reader. 

It would be best if you wrote shorter blogs than long blogs so that people may be able to read your blog easily. 

You need to include a solid keyword to enhance the visibility of your blog in the search engine. The keywords should be entertaining and robust. 

You may decide to use images and videos to capture the reader’s attention. 

Remain patient: the rate of commenting on a blog is low compared to Facebook and Twitter.  


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