Motivating a Team: 3 Ways to Boost or Celebrate Number


Are your employees struggling with feeling motivated while at work?

Surveys show that you are not alone. There are 70% of millennials that feel unmotivated or disengaged while at work. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple cure to help with motivation. Motivating a team depends on management. As a manager, you should always be thinking of new ways to inspire your employees. 

Be sure to keep reading our guide for three ways that you can boost your employee morale. 

1. Host Engaging Meetings

When you look at articles on how to motivate a virtual team activities, then they’re going to tell you to make meetings fun. That isn’t going to work for people who want to get down to business.

Many employees feel these types of meetings are time-wasters. 

Instead, make your meetings engaging and beneficial to everyone. Try making it so that they’re thinking about the bigger picture. 

You can click here to learn more about how to run a stellar sales meeting that won’t bore you or your team. 

2. Set Goals With Your Team

Setting clear goals is the best way to motivate a team. When you all have a clear finish line in mind, then you will know how to get the job done. 

You can even work on setting individual goals with each member. Doing this will make it so that you can hold them accountable for their actions. 

When you set goals, then you will be able to track their progress. This way, you can see what each member excels at, as well as what they can do better. 

How do you set goals for the team or individuals?

Start by asking each member what goal they have in mind. These might be for specific projects or to help them improve their own set of skills. 

When people have the desire to do their best, then you will find that they succeed more often than not. 

3. Positive Feedback Is Valuable

Another thing you might be wondering is how to motivate a sales team when sales are down. It might seem impossible to find the positives in a situation when numbers are low. Doing so can be a way to help your team get their motivation back. 

Even small successes deserve praise when sales are down. You’ll find this can be a way to bring your team’s spirits up and help with their morale. 

Positive feedback is always valuable, no matter how your sales numbers look. Whenever a team member does something outstanding, make sure to go out of your way to give them praise. 

Go above and beyond when providing feedback as well. Let that person know why what they did was excellent.  

Motivating a Team Starts With You

Motivating a team starts at the top. Ask yourself, are you feeling motivated, or do you come into work feeling disengaged? 

Make sure that you take your motivation into priority first before focusing on your team. Your team’s lack of morale could even stem from you.  If you’re looking for more business tips and tricks, then our blog has you covered. Be sure to keep on scrolling for all the best business advice that you need to know.