10 Simple Office Decorating Tips to Help Increase Your Productivity


From mental health to the economy, the global quarantines and pandemics of 2020 have changed society in several different ways. Regardless of whether you now work at home or go into an office, it’s more difficult than ever to stay productive. 

However, there are some creative ways to get your work efficiency back to where it should be. By effectively decorating an office, you can boost your productivity and work output. 

Please keep reading to learn about ten ways to give your workspace the office upgrade it needs to increase your productivity.

1. Avoid Getting a Desk

The first tip may sound strange, but consider ditching your desk for a more modern alternative. Today, most people store their files on virtual platforms, such as hard drives and clouds. This means that in most cases, you won’t need the storage capacity that comes with a desk.

Instead, look into getting a streamlined table. You’ll have more space to move around and can access all your files on your computer. 

2. Get Rid of Clutter (or Hide It)

You might feel that you can work and be productive in any environment, but studies disagree with you. Research has shown that a cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind, thereby lowering your work output. 

If you are a messy person by nature, look into getting a chest or set of drawers to organize everything. At the very least, you can keep the mess out of sight.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Nobody wants to work in a boring, gray workspace. Instead, throw some paint on the walls to add some color. You can also look into switching out the carpet or adding patterned area rugs. 

Aside from the walls and floors, you can also match the furniture with your color scheme. Ditch the boring pieces you have, and give your office some new chairs and waiting room furniture that’ll make everyone like coming to work. 

4. Embrace Mobility 

If you’re someone who likes to rearrange your furniture often, consider investing in furniture that comes with wheels.

Desks, chairs, and other types of furniture all come in options that allow you to roll them around and rearrange them. This can be a great way to add some flexibility to your workdays, letting you shake things up when the monotony gets too severe. 

5. Consider Getting Curtains 

If you don’t want to invest in a cabinet or chest of drawers to store your papers and files, consider getting curtains. This can be a stylish way to cover anything you have stored near a wall.

Curtains on a drawstring can soften the appearance of a room, and also keep visible clutter to a minimum. 

6. Invest in Ergonomic Products 

Instead of using traditional office products, look into getting ergonomic versions. These variations seek to maximize your productivity while also limiting your risk of injury in the process.

Ergonomic keyboards, mice, and chairs can keep you comfortable while working long hours. When you don’t have muscle tension or an injury weighing you back, the things you can accomplish will amaze you. 

7. Get a Dual Monitor Setup 

If you’re someone who uses a computer for multitasking, consider getting dual monitors. This will let you have multiple tasks open at once, creating an efficient system that’ll help you power through work.

You can make writing, graphic design, and financial jobs easier by having two monitors as opposed to a single one. Dragging a file from one monitor onto the other will never not be satisfying, either. 

8. Be Creative With the Space You Have

If you’re working from home, space may be a luxury that you cannot afford. In that case, you’re going to have to get creative with the room that you do have. 

Try to get small variations of furniture. Instead of squeezing a massive desk in a space that doesn’t have the room for it, opt with getting a smaller piece. You should also make sure to push it against a window or wall to keep it from getting in your way.

9. Make Comfort a Priority 

It’s hard to focus on what you have to do when you’re sitting on what feels like slabs of wood held together with nails. Investing in a quality, supportive chair helps you to feel more comfortable, letting you focus on your work. 

Look for chairs that offer lower back support. If the one you have doesn’t offer it and you can’t afford to upgrade, try sticking a pillow or blanket behind you to make sitting in it a less painful process. 

10. Stay Organized With a Whiteboard 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with different tasks, meetings, and things you need to remember to do, consider getting a whiteboard. You’ll then have the flexibility to use it to write out calendars, make to-do lists, or use it for brainstorming space. 

You can get a whiteboard at a low price. Feel free to prop it up on your desk, or if space is lacking, you can also hang it on the wall. 

Get the Office Upgrade You Need to Boost Your Productivity 

If the office you work in is experiencing low levels of productivity, consider giving it an office upgrade to get things back to where they should be. By following this guide and the ten tips mentioned, you’ll be certain to enjoy a productivity boost. 

Do you have any other office decoration ideas that can help boost productivity? Make sure to tell us in a comment down below! If you enjoyed reading this article on office decoration tips, take a moment to check out some of our other blog posts to find more guides and tips.