Snir Hananya – Internet Marketing Guru Shares Reasons Visitors Don’t Stay on Your Website


Do you often feel that you are getting a lot of traffic on your website, but these visitors are not spending enough time on it? That’s a problem many new websites face and most of them seem unable to find a solution to the problem. The reality is that you can fix this problem through a variety of ways if you know what’s causing the issue in the first place. Snir Hananya, an internet marketing guru, says your visitors might have more reasons to not stay on your website than you might imagine.

Unless you are paying full attention to making your website user-friendly and collecting proper data to know people’s feedback, you will never understand the problem. If you don’t know the problem, you will never be able to find its solution. Here are some reasons people are leaving your website more quickly than you would want them to.

Slow Loading Web Pages

That’s the biggest problem you can have with your website. Keep in mind that your website is not the only website that people can use for a particular product, service, or information. Nowadays, people are notorious for having very short attention spans, which causes them to switch their minds very fast. So, if your website does not open within the first 3 seconds of someone clicking on its URL, you can say goodbye to the visitor.

Snir Hananya says that the faster your website loads, the more chances you have of converting your website visitor into a customer. There could be many reasons your web pages are loading slowly. You might have extremely large images, corrupt codes, large scripts, or other elements that are causing it to be slow. Perhaps, the website hosting service you have chosen is not the best in the world.

Thin Web Content

A lot of people like to research before they sign up with any service or buy a new product. Even if you are the seller of a particular product, the purpose of the first visit on your website for any visitor would be get information. However, if you have thin content on your web pages, you will not be able to keep these people engaged for a long time. They will try to read your pages, but as soon as they notice they are not getting the desired information, they will bounce off. Therefore, you should improve your website content as much as possible.

Firstly, you should update the content on your web pages as frequently as possible. Secondly, if you sell services, make sure the content on your service pages is informative. If you sell products, make sure you have detailed product descriptions on the website. The more content you have, the more Google will pick up your web pages in its search results. One of the most important things is that you should avoid duplicate content as much as possible.

A Dull and Boring Website Design

Snir Hananya says that you should not take the risk of using low-quality website builders or inexperienced website designers to design your website. The attempt to save money on such an important job can result in undesired outcomes. You have to make sure that you only have professional website designers working on the design of your website. These professionals can design your website according to the ongoing standards, making your website look bright, vibrant, and relevant. They also work closely on your website’s overall navigation experience to give your visitors something to remember.

Final Thoughts

You can’t ignore something as important as the time people spend on your website. If people are going away too soon, you are sending a negative signal about your website to Google. Make sure you work on the improvements that are stated above because an expert like Snir Hananya is the one who is in an authoritative position to give you advice on such important website design and internet marketing matters.