Successful Businesses That Started in College


College or relatively higher learning institutions are potential sources of most inventions. Therefore as a scholar, you must have something in mind to help create or move society to different scales. Most of the innovations in college come from technical study areas. However, as an all-around learner, you can innovate almost anything. You can develop ideas even in some of the most problematic areas you may think of as hard to make innovations explained at report writing service. It is just a measure of how we can come up with ideas to make everything simpler. Let us explore some of the super powerful businesses that have seen success since their innovations. It all started in college.


Most people have the story of Facebook at their fingertips – from how it started to how it scaled up as a reliable social media platform worldwide. It is one of the essential businesses with legendary stories in the background. Right from the dorm rooms at Harvard, we now have Facebook worldwide. Years back at Harvard, Facebook did not have its initial looks – it was something a bit different from what we know today. The project grew gradually by incorporating newer ideas, and now we have it as a corporate giant in the business sector.  


For content management, WordPress serves as popular and among the best of the systems. No one knew it would suit the needs of almost anyone in the entire world. With Mark Little and Matt Mullenweg being the masterminds of this college project, their aims focus on making the platform run a better percentage of the web. One enlightening feature about the forum or its software equivalent is that it is open-source.


Yahoo started back in 1994 as a list of the favorite web pages assembled by two students at the college. The web pages were purposefully for helping their colleagues. The project started small. The term used for the project was “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.” As time went by, there was the greater realization of its necessity, which brought about piled-up visits. With the completion of its need, more extraordinary additions moved Yahoo to its current state. We can now use it from anywhere in the world.


Thinkswap began as a college project with Adam Fasullo being the mastermind behind what we use today. He realized the unnoticeable increased sharing of notes and assignments around him and therefore opted to develop an innovative project to serve as a personal library. It is currently a recommendable community with many Australian students sharing academic resources. 

The Onion

Onion is also another vital project started in the university as the production of free paper. One of the founders had a loan from his mother, and the partner had approached similar financing means. They ended up creating the Onion, which now spreads worldwide and boasts much usage by almost everyone. 


Reddit started in the university. It all started as a small project and now stands out as one of the most entertaining social networking bulletin boards. It has a range of customization options to enjoy. It, too, has a uniquely done and correctly interactive interface to give users a seamless experience.  

Insomnia Cookies

It entails coming up with new recipes for campus deliveries. Since then, it has grown to become one of the major businesses worldwide.  


Most of the businesses started on campus. Some of them are because of technological innovations while others grew gradually as usual businesses. Do you want to grow your business into successful entrepreneurship? Try it right from the college.