A range of market research approaches is carried out using online community research software. This market research provides firms with a better understanding of their target audience’s needs as well as a better understanding of current trends.

The most commonly accepted and successful research methodology is now online research communities. There are numerous advantages to employing this technique of market research. Qualitative market research outcomes from online communities are exceptional. But how can you persuade marketers to take your advice and use this wonderful tool?

Marketers rely on you to keep them informed about creative approaches to obtaining high-quality data at the lowest possible cost, so keeping up with the latest and greatest research methodologies and tools is becoming increasingly important. While we want to clear up any misunderstandings and eliminate any mistrust, we also want to make it simple for you to communicate the many benefits of online communities to marketers.

Here are examples of how moderators are utilizing online research software, and how this software may benefit marketers, brand managers, and other clients within an organization.


The fact that this marketing research software may be used on almost any device is perhaps its best feature. Being able to do market research using smartphones and tablets at a time when they are becoming the dominant force is huge.

Users can submit feedback and engage via their phones, tablets, or desktops with little difficulty. They can express themselves whenever it is convenient for them and on whichever device they like. Given the “on-the-go” mindset of many of today’s under-40s, that kind of access can be advantageous for market research. All of this translates to better, more concise consumer products.

Increasing the Number of Participants

The more people who participate in a market research project, the more insightful the results will be. One community is wonderful, but what if you could bring together even more people? Five focus groups may not be as helpful as an effective community.

Online community research software makes it simple to reach out to more than 100 people. In a focus group, that would be an impossible task that would never be accomplished. There is more data available since there are more participants. The more data there is, the better the insights will be, and the marketing focus will be clearer moving forward.

Multi-Segment Engagement

Typically, segments are variants of the population. As an example, a section could be for adults aged 25 to 30. Another option is for persons between the ages of 30 and 35. And so forth. 

Online community research software, on the other hand, provides a wider spectrum of study. That community may number 100 people, but it will span four or five different segments at the same time, all in the course of a single study. That means you’ll get a more varied mix of opinions and ideas far faster than you would with a focus group. That means better data for market research in the future.

Save both time and money. 

Last but not least, online research software reduces travel time, inconvenience, and costs. A participant can participate in online research from anywhere he or she has access to the internet. This means that moderators can research simply and cost-effectively, even if participants are spread throughout the country.

Online communities are a versatile tool that, regardless of how you utilize them, can help you achieve your research goal — particularly in online qualitative research.