The Best Ways to Keep Your Office Space Neat and Tidy


You glance at the clock and realize it’s already 8 pm and you have to work the next day! Looking down at your desk, your face fills with horror. Your office is a complete mess.

It’s proven that keeping your office neat and tidy increases productivity while working.

Here are a few cleaning tips to help you keep your office space clean and organized. 

Pick up Loose Paper

If you work in an office, you likely have a lot of loose sheets of paper scattered around. The first step of keeping your office clean and tidy is picking up those pieces of paper lying around.

Put them in a file folder or filing cabinet. Even a shelf works for storing loose paper, but it’s best to keep them inside something.

Throw anything away you don’t need. If you have books inside your office, build or buy a shelf for them. Don’t leave them lying around on the floor or on your desk.

If you have books scattered throughout your office, they might cause someone to trip.

Clear Dust

If you have allergies, accumulating dust might be the reason you’ve been sneezing so much at work. Dust is one of the tell-tale signs something needs cleaning. Ditch the allergy pills and get cleaning!

Use a damp cloth or piece of paper towel sprayed with a cleaning solution. If your desk is wooden, use a product made for cleaning wooden surfaces.

For the floor, use a simple mop and broom, but only if there’s tile inside your office. If you have carpet, try bringing a small vacuum from home. The floor is your last priority when keeping your office space neat and tidy.

Throw Away Food and Garbage

We all eat in our office space and forget to take out the trash. Work taking out the garbage into your daily work routine.

If there isn’t a garbage can inside your office, bring one from home, or bring a garbage bag.

Food is the biggest issue when dealing with an unorganized office. Removing any half-eaten or uneaten food before it spoils might save you a day off.

Some people hoard silverware and plates inside their office, too. If you have Tupperware or containers laying around, take them home.

Keep Your Computer Clean

Don’t let hardware get covered in dust. Dust messes with the inside of the computer and causes difficulties later.

A computer caked with dust and grime won’t work. If you eat while you work, it’s important to keep your keyboard and computer clean.

A greasy or grimy keyboard becomes sticky and messy if you don’t give it a good wipe every once in a while.

Use a Cleaning Service

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to clean their office space. If you’re one of those people, don’t hesitate to call a housekeeping service.

This service helps clean office spaces, gyms, and apartment complexes. There’s nothing shameful about calling in a pair of extra hands.

Keep Your Office Neat and Tidy With Our Tips

Don’t be afraid to get down and scrub the floors, or use a mop and bucket. Warm, soapy water will remove grime and dirt on a tiled floor.

Pick up any loose papers laying around, and put them away on a shelf or in a filing cabinet. And remember to throw your garbage away and take food containers home. 

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