Ways You Can Raise Brand Awareness Within Your Industry


Popular statistics on branding suggest that89 percent of business owners admit to setting brand awareness as the number one goal for their business. While it is a challenging target yet brand awareness can help one build an empire in no time. So, if you are starting a new business venture, whether on a small or a large scale, you must work towards building this key marketing asset. If you are successful in establishing brand awareness among your consumers, they will naturally develop a preference. It will result in them being more inclined towards your products and services. Naturally, this will reduce your overall marketing costs by a fraction. Listed below are a few ways you can enhance your business’s awareness within your niche.

1.  Attending a trade show

Attending a trade show can help you raise brand awareness by meeting other businesses, investors, and customers within your niche. Especially for a startup,increasing brand awareness at a trade show is relativelymore straightforward. All you have to do is produce relevant promotional material and participate in a local trade show. For example, if you are running your business out of California, look up trade shows Los Angeles CAand make your presence known by participating in a few.  Doing so will help you collect leads, network with other people, and showcase your brand to the industry.

2. Referral gifts and discounts

This is an excellent PR tactic to get people talking about your brand and raising awareness. Offering referral discounts is a great way to have your current customers be your marketing agents. The gifts and rewards encourage them to share their experience with their peers. It results in honest promotion for your brand from happy customers. Ensure your gifts are attractive and valuable, and give discounts on services and products currently in demand.

3. Partner with like-minded businesses

Partnering with like-minded companies will help in getting exposure to the right audience. For instance, if you are a cleaning company,consider partnering with an established cleaning product such as detergents or mops. It will benefit both companies and help in raising brand awareness.

4. Social awareness campaigns

Customers are now socially aware and conscious more than ever before. They know that their plastic use, fast fashion, and meat consumption come at a cost. It has also put pressure on brands to make informed choices while producing the products they are selling. So, if you are an environment-conscious brand, be sure to let your consumers know. You may even try to arrange fundraisers and charities for the cause you support. You may even donate a percentage of your sales to a particular charity. It will also encourage consumers to buy from you.

5. Freebies and test samples

Everyone loves free stuff. People have always liked getting little sample packs at the grocery store. You may also do it to help introduce your product to the market. Since customers usually fear trying out new things, test samples will help build familiarity without risking their money. Let’s say you are launching a mayonnaise brand. The fear of buying an enormous jar of mayonnaise and disliking the taste may result in the targeted customers never trying a new brand. But, if they get a free sample, they may be willing to try it out. And, who knows, they may end up liking it more than your competitors’ mayo.  

6. Use social media platforms for campaigns

Even though we may use social media as a hobby, it is an effective tool for marketing. Social media platforms help you reach the targeted audience via organic and paid reach. Traditional advertising such as billboards, TV commercials, newspaper advertising, etc., reaches a general audience. However, while raising brand awareness, you need to get your message across to the right audience in as little time as possible. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are your best bet in doing so. Different platforms offer different specialties, and you may select the one that aligns with your brand. For instance, if you are a photography studio, you may choose Instagram as your primary platform for sharing content and increasing brand awareness.

7. Content marketing via blog posts

By raising brand awareness, you are defining the values behind your brand. And, what better way to share the vision of your brand than by sharing its story? Blog posts are an ideal way of telling your consumers your brand history, the purpose, and the goals it aims to achieve. You may add a blog page to your official website or use the guest posting route. Leverage this tactic to tell compelling stories and share valuable information that addresses customers’ needs. This way, you can create brand awareness and also generate website clicks.

8. Keep up with the latest trends

Another great way to make your place in the market is to stay up-to-date with what’s happening. Look at the top trends and what is happening in the marketplace. For instance, if you run a beauty clinic, focus on top beauty trends such as microblading, derma rolling, and derma pen. This will help you produce relevant content on your blog and social media to get noticed among your target audience. You can even leverage trending content in your marketing techniques. For instance, you may use memes in your advertising campaigns. Viral marketing has the potential to increase your brand’s awareness exponentially.


Brand awareness is one of those things that you cannot undermine. If you are looking for ways to increase sales, you need a reliable customer base. And, nothing helps in establishing trust like brand awareness. You may use multiple techniques to raise brand awareness, including attending trade shows, social awareness campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, and viral marketing. Last but least, give gifts, freebies, and discounts to encourage positive word of mouth.