What Makes Custom Notebooks a Great Promotional Tool?


The sixth biggest wholly island country on the earth, New Zealand is home to almost all kinds of businesses to satisfy its demands. If you are an NZ business, custom printed notebooks can be great promotional tools to keep your brand name noticeable for your existing and potential customers. Like miniature billboards, they repeatedly display your brand message, helping your customers retain your business on top of their minds for weeks and months.

Not only are custom notebooks NZ pretty economical to order, but you can also have them printed with any promotional message you want to convey, ranging from company name and logo to slogan, photos, and contact details. Adding a multi-coloured logo, artwork, or photographs can help create the best impression.

Besides all, notebooks are easy to distribute and exceptionally durable. Because of these reasons, they become perfectly suitable for giveaways at trade shows, promotional events, and gifts for existing and potential customers. Here, you will come to know what makes custom notebooks a tremendous promotional tool.

Ongoing Exposure

Most people who receive notebooks as promotional gifts in NZ use them and keep them handy daily. Due to this, your brand name and contact details remain prominently displayed. No other kind of marketing gift offers such repeated exposure with so little expenditure.

Enhanced Reciprocity

People love receiving freebies and gifts. Although you do not put any condition while distributing your promo gifts, you indirectly build goodwill and leave a positive impression, thereby increasing the chance that they will become loyal to you and buy from you again.

Usefulness and Practicality

Besides being practical promotional tools for your brand awareness, custom notebooks in NZ also serve an instrumental and functional purpose for the receivers. Whether you give it to a business person, employee, housewife, student, or senior citizen, everyone would appreciate a handy notebook for use at the office or home.

Compared to other freebies, notebooks do not require any batteries, they do not need any instructions to use, and they do not break.

Affordable Pricing

Custom notebooks have high value in terms of brand promotion, yet they are extremely easy on the pocket. Available in different sizes, you can choose the one that best fits your budget and accommodates your brand message well. They are also easy to store, distribute, and carry around New Zealand.

Completely Customizable

You can print almost any message on a custom print notebook. Apart from your company name, contact information, and brand logo, you can even include images, maps, and other layouts.

You may have them in single or double colours or multi-colours, or the pages ruled or unruled. The number of pages per notebook is also variable, ranging from 25 to 100, or even higher. With custom notebooks, you have no limit to creativity. So, design the notebook totally as per your message to be delivered.

Meet Your Brand Objective

You can have your notebooks designed as per your brand objective. Whether you deal in an industry related to health, fashion, home improvement, or education, your product will be needed in almost every field. So, you will achieve your objective of gaining exposure at all costs. Are you looking forward to giving away custom notebooks as freebies? Get in touch with a designer who can create custom notebooks in NZ for you.