How to Fill Up Skip Bins Newcastle the Right Way


Many a times you may have a massive cleanup to be done and you might require to hire a skip bin in order to get the cleanup process started. However, there might me many things which you might need to consider to fill the skip bin in the right way, so that the skip bin is used to the full limit maintaining the weight restrictions.

Skip Bins

Skip Bins from are large metal containers which help you to dispose of the waste in your house in a proper and efficient manner without you worrying where to throw the waste after the cleaning of your house. Hence, skip bins surely do help you in getting your peace of mind. Mentioned below are some tips to fill up the skip bin in the correct way.

Size of the Skip Bins

Now as you have decided to get a skip bin you need to consider about certain things before you actually get one. Skip bins are available in many sizes. Now you need to buy a Skip bin which suits your requirement. Such as the amount of waste that would be disposed after cleaning and if the material which is deposed is heavy or light. You might not want a skip bin which is light for your heavy wooden furniture which you want to dispose. It is always better to segregate the things according to sizes and place them in one spot so that you can start by grouping them by size and shape and can decide where and how you need to accommodate the space in the bin.

Generally, the mini skip bins are around two cubic meters in size and hold garbage worth size of eight wheelie bins, the ones which are three cubic meters hold garbage worth 12 wheelie skip bins, the three cubic meter bins have the capacity of 12 wheelie bins and the 4 cubic meter skip bins can accommodate garbage worth 16 wheelie bins.

Overfilling a Skip Bin

When you are filling the skip bin you need to make sure that it is filled only till the rim and not above it. It is illegal to fill the skip bin above the rim according to the government’s health and safety standards. Skip bins which are filled above the rim are unsafe to travel and hence most of the companies don’t want to get penalties due to this reason.

Packaging of Your Garbage in the Bin While filling of the skip bin you need to adhere to certain key steps so that you can make most of the space. You need to first start to fill you skip bin with flat objects such as metal, plywood and unwanted timber. And make sure all of them lie in the same direction. Now you can start filling the skip bin with heavy bulky items like your furniture, house hold junk etc. If you want to dispose of a big tree make sure you cut it down into pieces and load it on to the skip bin. Light weight items like old papers and small plants can go on the top of the garbage.