TheWiSpy: Best App to Monitor Remote Employees


There was a time when monitoring employees remotely was impossible; businesses had to work from the office for better productivity. Sure, working in-house is a better approach for a successful and functioning office but having an option is always good. With advanced technology, the invention of the employee monitoring app has been very useful.

There are advanced features in monitoring apps that help business owners monitor their employees’ digital activities remotely. There is an option of running the business from home with the same level of progress as from any corporate office. Employers can monitor their employee’s activity within the office while sitting remotely. The business has to purchase the app and install it on the target device for starting monitoring.

What is the TheWiSpy app?

The TheWiSpy app is a professional software to spy on employees while sitting remotely. It has advanced and undetectable monitoring features that are useful for spying. TheWiSpy is a user-friendly app that is easy to install and function; a naïve user can also run the app like a pro by following some instructions. TheWiSpy is an employee monitoring app that controls employee activities and productivity using spying features.

TheWiSpy software has to get installed on the company-owned devices used by the employees. The business owner will have access to all data in the device and digital activities through the app. The application’s main goal is to monitor employee’s productivity for better results.

How does TheWiSpy work in remote monitoring?

TheWiSpy is used for monitoring employee’s performance, prevent leakage of company secrets, and prevent illegal activities within the company. It works to allow the user to monitor all sorts of data from app activity, text messages, call history, and digital activity within one app.

TheWiSpy employee spying software is installed on the target device; with the help of this app, all target device data is fetched to the dashboard. The dashboard is the online server assigned to an individual user to monitor the target device. The gathered information is visible to the users through a control panel accessed through any browser. Users can easily monitor the employee’s activity sitting remotely.

Why TheWiSpy remote employee spying software needed?

The current situation of the global pandemic has led people to work from home, employers and business owners are worried about decreased productivity of the employees. The only solution here is a software app to spy on employees, TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app used to monitor employee activity remotely. The businesses use the monitoring software for remote working and within office space. TheWiSpy has highly advanced and effective spying features that increase the need for the app even more.

·         Increase productivity in employees:

Time is important for companies to grow and it shouldn’t get wasted because of some lazy employees or bad time table. Remote working might also cause a decrease in the productivity of the work. As the employees are not being monitored, it’s hard to tell apart the decreased productivity.

But TheWiSpy has changed the narrative; it is employee spying software that monitors all employee activity from a remote location. Monitoring all activity will greatly affect increased productivity in the workplace.

·         Enhanced transparency for employers:

It is important to understand what your employees are up to in their office hours to understand better how to get more work out of them. With the help of the employee monitoring app, it gets easier to be more aware of employees working state, and it enhanced transparency for employers. As employers know every detail about the work, they can manage the office and employees better.

·         Secure company secrets:

Company secrets are the glue that holds the whole business together; companies can’t trust employees for keeping secrets. There might be a traitor in the company that owners are not aware of but catching the traitor is very important to save the business.

Interrogating all company employees physically is difficult, and some might get offended, too; that’s why an easier way is to use the TheWiSpy employee monitoring app. This app will help catch the traitor and keep the company’s secrets safe.

·         The wellbeing of employees:

Employers must take good care of their employees in return for their hard work. But a report has shown that 30-40% of employees are bullied in the workplace. TheWiSpy employees spying software help employers monitor communication between the employees to avoid any harsh situations. As the employee will feel safe and secure in the office environment, they will be more likely to work harder and focused.

·         Enhanced scheduling:

Employee monitoring app has a huge impact on employers managing skills, as they are accessed to all the data of the employees they are well aware of how to manage time. TheWiSpy helps employers to schedule all tasks from remote access. Without any overlap between any employee-owners can manage the company schedule.

·         Control employee digital activity:

As the company workers are working far from the office, they will likely waste time on social media or personal chores than working focused. It is essential to monitor employees’ all digital activity remotely, and here is when TheWiSpy is the best app to monitor employee digital activity remotely. It is software to spy on employees and control their activities other than working.


It is very important to check whether the target device is compatible with installing TheWiSpy app or not. TheWiSpy is an android employee monitoring app used to track the digital activities of the target from a remote location. TheWiSpy is compatible with all android devices that have OS 4.1 and more versions.

The application features only support these versions and can’t be installed on the lesser version. Most famous android brands of smartphones such as Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, OPPO, Sony, and many other devices are highly compatible with the TheWiSpy app.


TheWiSpy is a very high-quality employee spying software and is the best for spying remotely because it is available for affordable plans. Users can select the plans according to their requirements and enjoy spying without wasting money on features you don’t need. Users can select three reasonable price plans to start monitoring remotely.

Starter plan:

The starter plan has 15 days license. It starts from 9.99$, and the user will access specific features.

Standard plan:

The standard plan has a 1-6 month limit that users can select according to their requirements. This plan starts from 19.99$ and goes up based on a time limit.

Premium plan:

Premium plan has a limit of 1-6 months, and users can choose the limit according to their spying needs. Premium plan pricing starts from 29.99$ and goes up according to the selected time limit. It has access to all the advanced features of the app.


·         Is it legal to monitor employee’s work devices?

Yes, it is legal to monitor employee’s devices as long as they are company-owned work devices. Employers might get legal issues if they monitor employee’s devices without their consent.

·         Is it possible to monitor employees remotely?

Yes, it is possible to monitor employees remotely using TheWiSpy remote employee spying software.

Conclusion thoughts:

It is not wrong to say that the need for employee monitoring app has increased from the last year because of the pandemic. Companies are forced to work remotely or from home to avoid physical contact between people. But this has led to major productivity loss for the companies because they are unable to monitor their employees. TheWiSpy is software to spy on employees remotely where employers have access to all digital activity data during office hours. This advanced technology has made things easy for companies, and without any stress, they can improve their productivity while monitoring remotely.