7 Methods to Build a Successful Instagram Account


Looking for effective ways to increase your Instagram following? Find 7 useful methods in this post to enhance your Instagram presence.

When Instagram reaches nearly 2 billion users worldwide, everyone wants to show himself on it. However, after so many years’ development, this platform is not so friendly today for anyone who wants to get followers or likes easily.

Thus, people begin to buy Instagram followers in order to stay ahead of others. However, you can never ensure the purchased followers are all real followers. That’s why we put 7 organic ways here, to help you grow your business on Instagram. Let’s jump into the details.

Design a Graphic Charter for Harmonious Feed

Because of the algorithm and the platform’s users, you’ll be able to get visibility and expand your network on Instagram. For your feed to be appealing to both groups, it’s critical that it has a cohesive visual charter (your profile). Choose colors that are representative of your company’s identity, use the same filter on all of your images to give them a consistent appearance, and build post templates that you will use over and over again on your social media platforms.

Post Images With High Conversion Rates

Using prominent product placement in the Instagram images of your products might greatly drive your followers to make a purchase from you. Yes. To be successful, you must do it efficiently – that is, without using unpleasant comments or generic product photos that provide nothing of value to your audience.

Instead of including a sales pitch in your posts, you might incorporate an intriguing photograph and describe how your product will benefit the readers of the article. Is there any way you can think of that they could make better use of this? Where should it be enjoyed, and in what kind of setting? What if they want to share your product with individuals they care about? Is that possible?

Show Photos that Showcase Your Identity

Photographs posted on Instagram do not have to be elaborate photoshoots; rather, quick cell phone photos tend to elicit the most interest. Instead of using generic images, choose images that represent your company’s brand identity. These images can be before and after photographs of your product or service.

However, don’t forget to include photographs taken behind the scenes. You could be distracted by anything from your morning coffee to a new shipment of office supplies to a quick glance at your workstation. Posts and ideas that embody the essence of your brand can be shared to get more views and free Instagram likes, even if they are not directly related to your company’s operations.

Recognizing when to avoid something is equally important. If you work from home, you will be prompted to contribute a photo to the map, which you should decline to do. You should also refrain from publishing any pictures of your children on your company’s page, due to the fact that the images are accessible to the general public.

Working with Micro-Influencers

If there are influential content creators in your sector or a similar field, you should approach them with your marketing efforts.

Choose your influencers with caution; they must have a large volume of traffic and interactions on their profile in order to be effective. Ask about their most current 24-hour and 7-day data, as well as statistics on their most recent 2-3 posts, on their social media accounts.

When purchasing advertising from a micro-influencer, here’s a helpful tip: deactivate your account and manually process membership requests.

Use Instagram Stories

If you want to use Instagram to promote your brand, Stories might be really useful. You will also be returned to the beginning of the Stories list when you post your next tale, which is a nice bonus! The majority of people’s Instagram feeds are always dominated by them.

Stories, on the other hand, have a lot going for them as a whole. Their arsenal of additional powers is extensive. Interested in making one or more of the links in your Story live? If you have to, make it a “swipe up” link. If you invested the effort to learn more about your target audience, what results would you see? If you don’t have a question, you can use the appropriate sticker to pose one.

Enhance your Instagram Stories with Highlights

Instagram Stories may be powerful marketing tools, but how can you make the most of their limited availability for a limited period of time each day? Here’s what you can do.

Set your photos up in highlight albums to make them more visible to your Instagram followers, who will still be able to see them under your profile picture. Making use of your Highlights feature may enable you to deliver additional value to your free Instagram followers.

With no doubt, it will take time, but once completed, the conversion rate will be significantly higher than it was in the past.

It is because they are inquisitive that people will sign up to view your postings. In order to attract new subscribers, you can modify your profile by adding a few phrases.

No More Free Rides

Because of this, Instagram has become less generous than it used to be. Following a period of dominance as the primary source of free, unpaid exposure and engagement, organic reach is likely to have slowed. Since Forrester’s measurement at the end of 2014, engagement has declined, and it is now closer to 2 percent than 4 percent.

An algorithm is on the horizon, thanks to Instagram’s investment in the company. As a result, you can no longer assume that all of your postings will be viewed by everyone who follows you on Instagram. Like Facebook, Instagram is expected to transition to a subscription-based model in the near future. Never give up hope, however. As a marketing tool, Instagram may still be a very effective tool for your business.