Boost Your Business Curb Appeal: 3 Store Front Design Tips


Securing a store front is a victory in and of itself. But the next challenge is making the best of it.

After all, the point of a store front is to let onlookers view your business easily. That way, your business gets more foot traffic — even from random passerby!

But without a good design, you may as well not have a store front at all. Especially if the businesses surrounding yours put a lot of work into theirs.

Despite this, it’s never too late to makeover your business’s exterior. No matter your timing, you’re bound to experience better customer satisfaction and clientele after transforming your store front.

So keep reading for three store front design tips to boost your business’s curb appeal. You’ll soon learn that a few simple choices can make a difference in your business’s success.

1. Display Your Mission Statement

Improving business curb appeal can involve neon lights and premium building materials. But sometimes, it also means letting onlookers understand your business’s mission.

Even if they don’t understand your product yet, they might walk in if your mission statement resonates enough with them. If you haven’t got a mission statement yet, you can even put up a quote or phrase that reflects your brand’s messaging.

2. Statues

If your business exterior doesn’t have a lot of space to wow onlookers, you might still be able to mark your store front with luxury. More specifically, you can prop up statues.

This is a pricier investment. But it’s one that upgrades your store front design’s impression. It will also cause visitors to see your business as a well-established one before they even walk in.

Not only that, but there are many statue designs to choose from — whether that be with the finish, design, and/or color. Anyone considering custom bronze statues has plenty of designs to choose from, many of which will provide a great physical icon for your store.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Lighting isn’t only important for illumination. For a business, it also makes a difference in ambiance and customer experience. If your business uses outdoor seating, proper incorporation of ambiance is very important.

But even if you don’t need outdoor seating, consider putting up a few lights. It can improve the safety of the surrounding area, which is great for visitors’ security and your business’s foot traffic.

There are also many lighting options to choose from, which is great if you’re worried about abiding by a certain aesthetic or budget. Waterproof, solar-powered string lights aren’t too expensive and are easy to set up. But if you want more elegance, you can opt for higher-end light fixtures that offer your business a modernized look.

Upgrade Your Store Front Design Today!

When it comes to your business, first impressions mean a lot. They’re not everything, but they matter enough for your business to impact its sales.

This guide should have inspired you to incorporate some cool store front designs. If it has, then check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other information for enterprising business owners just like you.