Top 3 Tips for the Best Business Card Designs For Your Business


Are you one of the 30 million Americans who own a small business? If so, you know just how important it is to promote your business the right way.

Business cards, while a bit old school, are still very much an effective way to do just that. But without the proper understanding of business card designs, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll give you 3 tips that you can use to ensure that your business cards stand out from the rest. That way, when you give someone your card, you can feel confident knowing that they’ll keep it with them instead of tossing it away a few days later.

1. Keep Your Design Simple

We get it. You want to have a business card that stands out from the hundreds of other business cards a person could receive in a given year. But going all out with your business card design is going to lead to your business card looking cluttered or unprofessional, which of course isn’t what you want.

A good rule of thumb? Keep your design simple. Limit yourself to two or three colors, and pick easy-to-read fonts, so your card looks professional and legible.

2. Pick the Right Color Scheme

To piggyback off of that last point, you must pick the right color scheme for your business card so that everything flows together smoothly. Again, we recommend that you limit yourself to two or three colors at most, as the “less is more” approach is always the best way to go.

If you already have a color scheme in mind, this part of the process is easy. But if you don’t know what colors to choose, a color scheme generator is a great tool to use for ideas and inspirations. It’ll also ensure that you pick three colors that go well together, which is a bonus.

3. Go the Extra Mile

So, if you can’t rely on things like bright colors and crazy fonts to make your card stand out, what are some things that you can do to get your desired results? Well, outside of offering a quality product or service that people want to invest in, there are a few design tips and tricks that you can use to go the extra mile with your business card.

Check out metal business cards, in particular, as they increase your chances of someone holding onto your business card for a longer period of time. They’ll also stand out and establish credibility with recipients, which is always a good thing.

Need More Help Making Business Card Designs?

When you’re coming up with business card designs, remember to keep things simple. That, combined with investing in metal business cards, will help ensure that your card stays in someone’s desk or wallet for years to come. Looking for more ways you can take your business to the next level? Check back with our blog often, as we’re always talking about creative marking ideas for small business owners.